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Labeling can be complex with a myriad of specifications and issues to consider.


Surprisingly, labeling can be rather complex.

First, there's the item itself and the environment that the item and the label will be exposed to. Washing machine? Dry cleaners? Salt water and sun? Freezer? Sauna?

The environment often restricts the kinds of labels (sew-in, heat seal, pressure sensitive, etc.) that will work and the kind of inks and substrates that will hold up over time. Environment also dictates if your label needs extra protection, like lamination.

Then there's the job of the label.  The overall label dimensions have to work with both the item and the label content.

Lastly, there's the look-and-feel of the label. If you need to have a label, you might as well have it extend your brand, evoke a feeling or a style,  and make it an asset that helps your item sell in a field of competitors.

These are the issues we can help you with.  So call us. We're here to help.