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We specialize in military and UL labels.


RFID Item, Case and Pallet -- ready-to-apply

Full service RFID solution:
RFID labels printed, scanned, and uploaded


How DOEs it work?

  • We send complete, ready-to-apply ITEM, CASE AND PALLET labels.

  • You apply them.

  • We upload the RFID data into VIM or WAWF.

  • You log-into your VIM or WAWF account and submit the shipment.

That's it. No equipment needed. No printing. No scanning. No problem!

Is there room to change my mind? 

Yes! We can change the number of units in a case, we can defer cases and pallets to later shipments, and we can move cases to different pallets. 

Is there any risk of duplication? 

NO! Our proprietary software ensures that no RFID unique ID will EVER be used again.

What happens if we ruin tags? 

We can send you replacements for a small fee.

Do I need to scan the tags? 

No. All tags are scanned before they leave our facility and all the data needed for VIM-ASAP and WAWF is in our system.

How can you offer this service at this low price? 

By keeping it simple and working with you closely. Good communication is the cornerstone of this service.

Call us (919) 956-5331 for more information and pricing.

**The DOD sites that require RFID labels are here:**

We also provide stock to do-it-yourself!